Vale of Glamorgan Model Boat Club Rules

Vale of Glamorgan Model Boat Club Rules (2015) (annex A)

1. The security of the Lakeside entrance post is paramount. Each member must ensure the post is secured on entering and leaving the Lakeside.

2. Members may only enter the Lakeside with a vehicle when intending to sail. No boat, no entry.

3. Vehicle speed limit at Lakeside is 5 MPH, you MUST give way to pedestrians.

4. Parking shall be in 2 lines only. One nearest lakeside, and on other side of hard standing.

5. Members' car passes MUST be displayed in vehicle windscreen. (This is a council ruling)

6. Offensive language or behaviour will not be tolerated at the lakeside, or other club activites. Such behaviour may result in expulsion from the club.

7. Junior members (under 16 yrs.) must be supervised by a parent or guardian when attending all club activities.

8. All marine craft must be sailed with due consideration to other members' models, the General Public and lake wild life.

9. All transmitters with extending aerials must have eye protection fitted at their tip. This should be the approximate size of a table tennis ball.

10. Wilful damage to property under jurisdiction of the club will not be tolerated, nor any misdemeanor, considered by the officers to be against the interests of the club.

11. Members should acquaint themselves with the club's 'Risk Assessment' and be aware of any potential hazards and pay attention to "Good Housekeeping" at the Lakeside.

12. Members displaying models do so at their own risk. The Club will not accept any responsibility for the loss or damage to any members' property or model howsoever caused.

13. Members operating radio equipment other than 2.4MHz must check and inform other like members and a 'Peg Board' system used to avoid duplication of Radio Frequencies. Members operating other than 2.4Mhz will be responsible for the 'use and control' of the 'Peg Board'.

14. The use of internal combustion engine (IC) or steam boiler marine craft is not allowed

15. Purpose built race boats are not covered under the club insurance policy (Members wishing to use such craft must make their own arrangements for insurance cover)

16. Club sailing times are Tuesdays and Saturdays 10am till 1pm. Members may sail outside of these times. However, club members must not sail on a Sunday between 10 am and 1pm, or when notified by Club Officers, due to lake being used by other clubs. There are NO exceptions to this rule.

Please remember access to the lake with vehicles is a privilege authorised by the Council. Please don’t abuse that privilege. Don’t leave litter - bin it !!