Frequently Asked Questions

When did the club start?

The Club was formally launched in March 2015.

Why did the club start?

To bring together model boat enthusiasts creating a pleasant social environment, and enabling members to share ideas and offer advice and assistance to others covering all aspects of model boating.

The promotion of goodwill and friendship with other clubs and societies within the region is an important aspect.

The opportunity to join a local boating club offering good facilities and location with the minimum of cost to each individual is an important part of the Club Constitution.

What are the ambitions of the club?

The Club hopes to play an important part in promoting the hobby of model boat building and / or sailing and welcome newcomers of all ages to the hobby. Help and advice will always be available from Club Members, so newcomers will have the opportunity to learn new skills.

The Club would especially like to extend a welcome to less able bodied persons to participate in the hobby, and having very good access to the Lakeside this would hopefully encourage disabled persons to enjoy model boating.

The Club will be run on a not-for-profit basis, but will offer support to various charities to raise funds by either inviting a charity group to "Special Event" days at the lake or supporting them at local events with static displays.

In particular we will offer our support to  RNLI (Lifeboats) and the Royal British Legion, but other charities will be welcome to ask for the support of the club.

How do I find the lake?

Cold Knap Lake is located in Barry, South Wales, and is situated approx 10 miles from the M4 motorway.

What's so good about this lake in particular?

The Lake is shaped like a Welsh Harp, and coupled with its picturesque surroundings is a favourite destination for walkers and visitors. For the Model Boating enthusiast the location and Lake is as about as good as it gets. Well maintained by the Local Council, it is mainly weed free.

The Bristol Channel is just behind the lake, and is very popular with day trippers and locals.

How do I join VGMBC?

Anyone who is thinking of joining the club should in the first instance contact the "Club Secretary" by email or phone.

This will enable you to obtain much more information.

Club Rules are an important aspect for the Club, with emphasis on conduct, safety and types of craft allowed.

No IC models (fuel) or steam powered models are permitted to be used due to council & insurance restrictions.

Purpose built race boats are not covered under the Club insurance policy (Members wishing to use such craft must make their own arrangements for insurance cover)

You can apply for membership by contacting the club chairman/secretary by either email or phone, or in person at the Lake

How much does membership cost?

The annual membership fees are:

£10 for seniors (This includes insurance)

£5 for Juniors (Aged between 7 and under 16 yrs)

Please note that junior members must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

What information do you need from new members?

Basic contact details are required as per the application form.

Type of radio equipment used (ie 2.4ghz)

For junior members approval of a parent or guardian.

By signing the application you are also agreeing to abide by the Club Rules.

How is payment processed?

Payment should be returned with your application form, and when approved a club membership card along with a club vehicle pass will be issued to you.